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Chris Tenove is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster.

His articles have appeared in outlets including Maclean’s, The Walrus, Canadian Geographic, Reader’s Digest Canada, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and The Tyee. His radio democracies have appeared on CBC’s Ideas and The Current, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and This American Life.

Here is a selection:

The digital attack on democracy.” (Policy Options. Jan 18/2018).

The War is Just a Click Away (, fall 2016). Commissioned and edited this series on people’s digital connections to distant wars.

Here’s what ordinary Arabs think about the Syrian refugee crisis.” (Washington Post’s  Monkey Cage, Sep 19/2016).

“Seeking a Nation’s Forgiveness.” (Maclean’s. Dec 14/2009). Does a Khmer Rouge leader, even a penitent one, deserve mercy? Download PDF

“Extraordinary Chambers” (The Walrus Magazine. Jun/2008). Who will be prosecuted for the atrocities that happened in Cambodia in the 1970s? Former Khmer Rouge leaders want to pin some of the blame on non-Cambodians, and that’s an idea that may deserve a hearing in court. Download PDF.

“Sylvia’s Story.” (Reader’s Digest Canada. Jan/2007.) Diagnosed with ovarian cancer and faced with death, Sylvia embraced life more fiercely than ever. Download PDF.

“Stars above Africa.” (The Walrus Magazine. Dec/2006). Celebrities have thrown their arms around Africa. Has the continent benefited from this awkward embrace? Download PDF.

“A Tribute Paid to Reason.” (The Walrus Magazine. Nov/2005).  Sixty years after they prosecuted Nazi leaders in the Nuremberg trials, Ben Ferencz and Whitney Harris worry that the United States has become the world’s most powerful opponent of the Nuremberg legacy. Download PDF. 

“Not Just Tourists, Tourists who Care.” (This American Life. Nov/2005). Chris Tenove had this idea he thought could really make a difference for people in the developing world. The thought was to bring well-meaning tourists where their money would do the most good, spend some time with the locals, and then leave behind a little money to help out. To see if his idea has any merit, Chris decided to try it out…by himself. In Sierra Leone. Link to Radio Broadcast.

“Is Vancouver Too Pretty to be Smart?” (Vancouver Magazine. Nov/2004). Is Vancouver an urban bimbo or a breeding ground for big ideas? Download PDF.

A Heartland City in Revolt.” (The Tyee. Nov/2003). The inaugural article for The Tyee. Link.

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